How to Use Microsoft OneDrive on iOS Device

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OneDrive is a synchronization and file hosting service offered by Microsoft Corporation. It enables the users to keep, transfer and sync any file and their data in iCloud.

It stores various necessary folders and data like BitLocker recovery keys and other important things like Windows files. Here is how to manage Microsoft OneDrive’s features and various services to keep files in iCloud on your iOS devices.

Logging to OneDrive

  1. First of all, launch the OneDrive application. It resembles the white cloud icon having a dark blue color background.
  2. Then you have to provide your specific Microsoft mail ID in the specified box that reads “Email or Phone”.
    • You may also provide your contact number if you have synced it to the Microsoft Account.
    • Make sure to end your mail address with “.com” as the emails associated with Microsoft accounts usually finishes in “.com”.
  3. Next, you have to hit the “Go” tab located at the lowermost right edge of your keyboard.
  4. Then you are directed to enter your secured passcode in a particular field.
  5. Then you have to tap the “Sign in” button. It is situated just beneath the password bar.
    • If you intend to maintain a “free” account, then you have to hit the circled icon just after the “Free” option and then hit twice on the “STAY BASIC” option. It is usually located at the extreme left portion of your window.
  6. When the prompt appears, you have to hit the “OK” or the “No Thanks” tab. It will determine the OneDrive alert settings.
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